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  3. Main Features Detailing of AdSightPro
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Product Summary

Vendor: Sam Bakker

Product:               AdSightPro

Launch Date:        2019-Oct-01

Launch Time:       11:00 EDT

Front-End Price:    $37

Official Sale Page:   Click Here


Niche:   General

Refund: 30-Day-Money Back Gurantee

What Is AdSightPro?

AdSightPro leverages the latest data within Facebook’s new updated API. It’s Facebook Approved and includes a slick easy to use interface that makes Facebook Ad Targeting A breeze.

AdSightPro has been developed from the ground up. It has a wide range of features that help people to better targeting audiences over Facebook.

Right now if you are using Facebook’s Targeting system you are wasting money on untargeted audiences.

This is because Facebook only shows the first 20 – 30 results within their targeting options.

With AdSightPro you will be able to login to the software and find thousands of Highly targeted audiences you could never find within Facebook’s System.

This will help you to better reach your audiences, spend less on ads and make more money from themselves.

This also includes a commercial license for a one time fee. You can use the data you find within AdSightPro with your clients or sell the data to businesses for profit.

Main Feature Detailing / Benefits of AdSightPro

Solve The Common FB Ads Targeting Problem

– Solve The Common FB Ads Targeting Problem

AdsightPro is going to completely transform the way you do Facebook advertising.


Facebook Ad Manager doesn’t show it’s advertisers all of its best data?

In fact if you use Facebook Ad Manager to find audiences you’re immediately at a disadvantage.

Because when you advertise and you target ‘general’ style audiences.

Then you’re competing against everyone else, your ad costs shoot up and the quality of people presented with your ad goes down.

In short: When you use Facebook Ad Manager for targeting you’re probably losing money on your campaigns.

This means it becomes very difficult to run a profitable ad campaign.

AdSightPro is the SOLUTION:

AdSightPro plugs into a special backdoor within Facebook’s system that allows you to get access to Facebook’s very best targeting data.

This combined with a number of specifically programmed search algorithms that deliver the very best targeting audiences FAST.

This means that AdSightPro makes Facebook advertising easier than ever before.

You can immediately:

– Tap into Facebook’s very best data

– Uncover hidden audiences your competition doesn’t know about

– save thousands in ad costs and testing. 

Even if you’ve struggled with advertising in the past AdSightPro gives you a leg up over your competition.

All while providing you the very best data you can use in your own business or clients businesses to profit.

Please keep reading my AdSightPro Review to know more details.

AdSightPro Review – AdSightPro Features

This software uses special data that’s not available to the public within Facebook’s regular targeting system.

In fact in order to get this data you would need to go through a lengthy approval process or already be spending a ton of money on Facebook.

What AdSightPro does is it allows you to tap into this data to:

– Save money on ad costs

– Find better audiences to target

– Get a higher click-through rate from your ads

– Save time on testing your ads

– Become profitable much faster with your Facebook ad campaigns and much much more


In fact if you do ANY kind of Facebook advertising for your business or your clients

businesses then this software is a ‘must have’.

Here is How AdSightPro Works

From the dashboard, you have the ability to apply from saved interests/behaviors or Explore New.

So, select “Explore New” and next you will be able to find audiences related to interests or behaviors.


  • First of all, all you need to do is select the language from your campaign
  • In the next step, all you need to do is enter your keyword to the search box and you will be able to receive results
  • You will get interest name, audience size, FB search, and Google search.
  • Right here, when you select any FB interests, they will be available on your left-hand side.
  • You can hit the first button to copy selected FB interests and then you can paste them to your custom audience box on your ads campaign page.
  • When you hit the soft disk button (the second button), you can save them to your favorite group for future use.
  • When you hit the third button, you have the ability to download these selected interests to your computer under a CSV file.
  • When you hit “Apply” button, you will be able to select your ad account and apply these selected interests to your ad campaign

Next step, select your ad campaign and adset

  • Above you can see these selected interests were added to my targeting as a layer.
  • Right here, I can completely add more layers to my targeting or delete any layers from my targeting, which that means you can combine multiple layers or use only one, just depend on your own purpose.
  • -For Fb search button: When you click on that, you will be able to check the results right from Facebook platform as seen below:
  • -For GG search button: When you click on that, you will be able to check the results from Google search as seen below:
  • One more great thing here is when you enter any keyword to the box and hit “Enter”, you also will get some related keywords as seen below:
  • This is great because you can dig and drill a lot of relevant interests to your original keywords.
  • For example: My original keyword is “weight loss”, not only you can target with some matched keywords “weight loss + A”, “weight loss + B”, “Weight loss + C”, but you can also target with some relevant keywords like “diet + A”, “lose weight + B”, “keto +C”.
  • You can use this “related keyword” module from Adsight to keep finding more good interests for your campaign, which brings best targeting to your campaign.

B- Behaviors:

  • This module will help you dig and drill more and more good behaviors for your targeting.
  • If you do a normal search on Facebook ad campaign, you will just see some common behaviors as seen below:
  • I’m sure such behaviors are not enough for your campaign, they are too general.
  • Using Behavior module from AdSightPro, you can find more good ones as seen below:
  • Above I enter my seed keyword “iphone” and I receive tons of results as well as related keywords.

Right here you can do the same like “Explore Interest”.

  • You can select any behaviors you want and you can save them to your favorite group and you can download them to your computer under a CSV file and even you can apply them right to your ad campaign from AdSightPro dashboard.
  • You can also use “relate keyword” module to research more relevant behaviors for your current campaign.

MY OPINION About AdSightPro:

I appreciate this tool because it solves the common FB targeting problem all we are suffering now.

Right now you can open your ad targeting campaign and check what I mentioned above and you will see this AdSightPro tool is very useful for your business.

Pros and Cons


  • -Easy to use, just enter your keyword and you get what you want.
  • -the data processing from this tool is so amazing
  • -Solve your problem in seconds
  • -Commercial License Included


I found no significant drawbacks from this tool, basically it solves the common problem we’re facing now.

Who Should Use AdSight ProIt?

This tool is suitable for those who run Fb ads. That’s it.

Price and How To Buy AdSight Pro?

AdSightPro has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

-Front-End (AdSightPro – $27) (See Details)

  • Explore Interests & Behaviour in different languages
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Download as CSV
  • Go to Facebook & Google for shows results for that Keyword
  • See keywords along with Audience Size attached to that Keyword
  • Sort by Audience Size and Keyword
  • Add Multiple Interests
  • Commercial License


  • Software suggests Similar Keywords and search by them
  • Research Keyword with large audience size (over 500K)
  • Save selected targeting for later use
  • Apply to AdSet directly from the app.
  • Layering of targeting
  • Apply already saved interests/behaviour to an AdSet without doing research again
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Accounts
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Campaigns
  • Manage Unlimited AdSets
  • Drag & Drop interests/behaviours between layers.
  • Create unlimited layers
  • Apply multiple layers directly from the app


  • Create team member accounts
  • Project Folders
  • Ability to use the app in other supported languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French)
  • Software scans your unlimited ad accounts and informs you informs you in advance if any of your Ads are going to be stopped by Facebook in future.
  • Software informs you via email about any action you need to take
  • Direct link to the AdSet where you need to action to fix the AdSet.
  • Supply reports to clients
  • Fully automated, set it osnce and forget.


  • Canvas Software
  • Facebook Image Ads Pack
  • Facebook Video Ads Pack
  • Commercial License

-OTO 4 – $197

  • Reseller License
  • 100% commissions
  • Use the professionally designed marketing material
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • Email Swipes



AdSightPro Review – Conclusion

Thanks for reading my AdSightPro Review.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

Step 1: Order ADSIGHTPRO by clicking here.


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